About Timbre & Style LLC

About the company

Timbre & Style LLC is headquartered in California, and our products are designed in Palo Alto and San Francisco. The design themes for our products are inspired by creative pastimes such as music and recreational sports, representing a particular pursuit of passion. Every design focuses on the structure of a small set of objects, stripping away those details that would make them too obviously recognizable.  

The design approach came to us when we were working on virtual worlds. Virtual designs for computer simulations and games are typically focused on their utility, not their aesthetics, but when you take the time to look underneath the surface of individual objects, the structures that you discover are often just fascinating.

For our designs, we pick objects that we are particularly fond of because we associate them with enjoyable leisure activities. We then experiment with different ways of highlighting both the outlines as well as the underlying structures. We look at the same object from countless different perspectives, and then choose the angle and color combination that best suits the piece of clothing we have in mind.

Not everything looks as great in the real-world as it does in the virtual world, or as we may have first imagined it. For this reason, we create prototypes and experiment with different types of clothing, fabrics, colors, arrangements and designs until we arrive at something that is both comfortable to wear and will look great for a long time. An incredible amount of care and detail is put into everything we offer, but your direct feedback will help guide what we focus on next. We would love to hear from you! Please get in touch with us through our contact page.